11-Layer Geometric Art Panel

There is so much of the wood that is cut out during the process that 11 layers is still fairly light. I’d imagine it weighs 2-3 lbs.


Definitely. I’ve seen quite a few paper-cut artists who do this.

Something like this, perhaps?


Yes, but the number of “clones” depends on the symmetry of the design. This one was in quarters. I use Illustrator, and it’s very much a copy/paste/rotate workflow when it’s time to finish out the symmetry.

It’s all the same type of wood (Baltic Birch). I think there are a couple factors making the tones looks more diverse. The layering, combined with the shadowing from the lighting, is definitely in play. I also did not mask the wood before cutting so there are various levels of charring from the laser depending on how close the cuts are to one another.


That looks fabulous! I love the layering. Great job.


What an amazing piece of art!

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Yes, that is incredible.

You just added another page to my inspiration journal. :star_struck:

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This is just stellar. Thanks so much for including the basics of how you did it. I’m inspired.

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Just beautiful. Really.

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Outstanding! At first glance, it looked metallic. Which might be an interesting paint to try. I’ve sprayed matte silver and it replicates aluminum nicely. A gold or bronze or your art would really add a Deco effect.


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The patience…

Very impressive :slight_smile:

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Gosh… There’s nothing I can add to what’s already been said. So I’ll just sit here and stare at it with my jaw sufficiently dropped.


I’ve always been curious how the lighting is handled on pieces like this…I would think it would need to be ‘just right’ for it to work the way you want it to. Are you aware of any online instructions/workflow to work like this?

Strategic LED placement, and paper thickness, would be my guess.

Personally, I’d hedge my bets and actually airbrush in some of that lighting. Like, grey paper with airbrushed white edges.

This is exactly the kind of thing that I wanted to do when I bought in. Now if I can only get mine!

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Incredible and so inspiring! Would love to see the final piece after it was painted!

Great work!! May I know what software you used for designing the layers and what are the basic principles of designing the layered look? Any YouTube videos or books you know that might be of some help?

This was a pretty old thread so I’m not sure if the OP will see it. These posts might help you get started though.