🎶 16 candles



Had a stack of walnut ply left over from a recent project and a box of LED tea lights. My wife is visiting her family next week and wanted to take some presents. One quick purchase from the Design Catalog later…

In case anyone is interested, it’s possible to make nine sets of acrylic inserts from a single sheet of :proofgrade: :wink:


Beats that gift card exchange for sure!


They look so pretty all together like that! :grinning:


I love these. I am making one for a friend, too.


I’d say those were some well-received gifts! Really nice job!


They’re great and all but clustered so much together I’m afraid they’ll start reproducing and achieve world domination.


And you’re all set in the event of a power failure.


Wow! She’ll have fun handing these out!


Hey… upgrade! Add a logic board and some photoresistors and you’d have an expandable implementation of Conway’s Life… :sunglasses:


looks like an amazing table centerpiece for thanksgiving