18" Circles for Wreath Centers - Getting there


Loving the pass-thru slot on the Pro. I made a small wreath center for the house and now the relatives want one of their own… of course. :slight_smile: The one on the left is 14", perfect for the center of an 18" wire wreath frame
The one on the right is effectively the largest circle I could cut on this lovely device. I tweaked the design and make it an 18" circle, then I cut the vector in half in inkscape and then laser the top 9" half first, slide it up, and then cut the bottom. You can put it all into one design if you make the top half one color and the bottom half another color. Still have some work to do on relief cuts… I broke a few leaves off trying to get the crazily-shaped scraps out.

Eagle-eyed readers will notice a ruler inside the forge. I used this self-adhesive metal measuring tape and stuck it straight on the crumb tray. Lowe’s/Home Depot have it too. It is helping to keep the alignment between web app and forge. Don’t trust what the camera shows, especially at the edges, but instead trust math and some test cuts for alignment.


What a cool project … every family should have one of these! Nice job!


Yes, they turned out wonderful! :grinning:


Very nice job of matching cut edges on the passthrough! We haven’t seen very many examples of this.


I’m seeing a new project! Thanks for the explanation…


Great job. Love it.


I love this! I have been wondering the easiest way to go about making large circles with the pass through slot. Any tips you can give? I’m a newbie.