2 Feature Requests

I have two things that have been bugging me for months with the GF Online UI.

  1. Why can I not select multiple steps on the left hand side and say ‘Ignore All’? I need to go down, click on each one and press ignore, this is very tiresome.
  2. Similar, but when I have multiple graphics and I want to set the same setting for each - i.e. engrave. Why do I need to select each one and put in the settings, why is there no ‘Apply to All’
  3. Multiple lines of text. Having to write each line as a separate text entry is ridiculous, why is tis not just a long text field where I can hit enter to create a new line? Surely that isn’t too hard.
  4. When browsing fonts, update them as I click through, so I don’t need to select a font, see what it looks like then click to go to the next one - I should just be able to select and use the down arrow on the keyboard to browse through them

Thank you


Glowforge support does not monitor this forum. Your requests will only be reviewed if you send them directly to Glowforge. Posting here gives others a chance to discuss these requests, but little else.


Copy/paste with settings would be nice.

But yes, you will need to send feature requests by email to Glowforge in order for them to receive them.


We also need a way to go from Ignored back to the previous values instead of erasing them.


That’s the thing, some designs might require different settings.

You can do this :slightly_smiling_face: Just make all the same color in the outline and fill.

^^^Definitely this ^^^^^

There is a lot more complexity available than what is meant by the keyboard up-down could have several meanings. However, If you leave the mouse arrow in the list you can roll the mouse wheel and see what each font looks like. (I just tested it)

Likewise in Inkscape, you can have multiple lines of text or a single line. Multiple-line text is far more limited in what you can do with it and it is a different sort of critter from single-line text. The text in the GFUI is the single-line critter type, and thus you can do many wild things with it. Unfortunately, single or multiple-line text in the outside editor like Inkscape must be brought to lines only to process in the GFUI. If I expect to need to edit the text I make a copy and hide it in place so if I want to edit it, I delete the busted text and edit the hidden version make a copy, and hide one again.

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