2 inch clearance

I, probably not unlike others, have been stockpiling items to laser once I get the golden ticket and Wonka delivers my laser. I recently ordered an andonized aluminum flask that I wanted to try. I didn’t pay close enough detail to the dimensions though, more on the fact that it was andonized aluminum. I expected a thinner flask than what arrived. What I got is exactly 2" thick. So it would fit under the maximum clearance, but will I still be able to laser it. Even though it fits, will I still be able to engrave? Or is there a minimum distance that it as to have between the laser and the target object? Or is that already calculated in the 2"?


Here is a good topic to explain how to do this. The crumb tray is 1.361" by my measurements. There is a .433 room for focusing above the crumb tray that you can enter into for material thickness. The actual clearance from the crumb tray to the bottom of the air scoop for the air assist is about .5" or slightly more. I can’t give you a real world answer because I have never placed anything exactly 2" in to try and process it, nor have I tried anodized aluminum (although others have done so successfully.). By my calculations, the engraving might be out of focus a bit if it does fit under the head without getting whacked by the air scoop.


that was helpful, it’ll be interesting to sort out when I get my own. At least now I know the measurements I will need to make, and that I will have to input the thickness above the tray. That is provided it clears the air scoop as you pointed out.

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If it turns out you can’t laser the flask (and, I suppose, can’t return it), you could make a leather sleeve/cover for it! I think they look really cool, and I don’t imagine it would be too tricky to make.


In theory (someone else try this :wink: ) you could laser something taller than the 1.794 as long as your engrave pattern doesn’t bring the air assist scoop into contact with what you’re engraving. Focus would be off on the highest points, which might or might not be an issue.

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:thumbsup: …or bent wood veneer!!!

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