2 Sided maze

So, you may have seen my isocahedral maze or @pubultrastar’s snub cube take on the concept, but the prospect of a polyhedron and a multisided maze seems like a lot to take on. So, I decided to make a two-sided maze to share with people who want to be inspired.

doublesided maze cutsheet

(Click here to download)

I designed the inner hexagon to be 4" wide, though scale is kind of up to you. It’s easy to make:

  • Score the black maze (I defocus mine to make the lines wider, I set the height to be 0.5") and cut the blue outline
  • Remove the cut piece carefully without moving the surrounding material.
  • Flip the piece, reinsert into the cut hole in the surrounding material
  • Turn off the blue outline and black maze
  • Score the green maze and cut the red outline
  • Remove your hexagonal doublesided maze


Side A:

Side B:


would be cool to make the lines wider and use your trick to make them two lines and then engrave and see where you could get to with a marble you move by changing the angle, A good steady hand exercise.


Awesome thx for sharing the design :slight_smile:

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Go nuts, man. It’s a free design, do what you like with it.

You can create many variations of this at http://www.mazegenerator.net/ - although you need to pay if you’d like to sell products based on them.

I’ve been working on a 4D maze puzzle (rolling steel ball) using modified output from that site.

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Yup, as was linked in my original post.

The secret sauce is making the maze more appropriate to a two-sided or polyhedral application. It requires a bit of work to get it to have a unique solution that really takes advantage of the medium, ideally your solution would snake back and forth across various sides, the 2-d stock mazes are a good starting point but will be a pretty flat experience unless you work at it a bit.

Very cool! Thanks for the share!

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I have used that site before, It’s fun!
I made this shirt for my daughter lol


Love mazes. That turned out nice.


@evansd2 Thank you for the share!

@trually What a fun shirt!!


You know I was going to say that @evansd2 was being cruel in making this design. Then I saw your idea to make a marble maze. You kind of make him look more sane… just sayin’ (grin).


You did not see the puzzle that all the pieces were exactly the same shape :smirk: and trilaterally symmetrical :grimacing:

Put a different photo on each side and they work upside down as well.

One of the many things for which I’m thankful. I’m terrible at puzzles and give up almost immediately. My wife loves them. Go figure.

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Better a good fit than constantly fighting over doing the same thing and failing at that which neither of you are much skilled.

This is super cool! I am going to do this in acrylic and one sided so my daughter can use a dry erase pen to complete. Thank you!!


if you reverse the design you can print it on the underneath :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the information! I will certainly do that. Have a blessed holiday season!

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

This is absolutely wonderful! Is there some way the solver can tell which side is which or is it extra fiendish?

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It’s center to center so you just need to get from one side to the other. The mazes are different so I suppose you could memorize them to the point where you’d be able to tell the difference.

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My brain can’t tell, but if there are no separated “pieces” of the maze, ie, all lines are connected at some point, it would be cool to make them thicker, and then cut them as an outline instead of scoring them. Put a piece of solid draftboard in between the 2 “frameworks” with a hole in the center, and then cover each side with an acrylic hexagon. With a BB inside, or with a hole in the side to insert one, you could have a double sided enclosed maze. Now I want to do that.

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