20.75" x 12.5" material storage trays made by GF only

Hey folks,
New user here and I’m enjoying my GF. Bought it to do some projects with my daughter and she’s already made a nice sale to a local restaurant. They wanted 30 of these 4" cubes:

They wanted a blackboard on one side so they could use a crayon to write down daily specials. Lots of work, but fun for the two of us :slight_smile:

So, like many of you, I went out and purchased a whole slew of materials, and now I have nowhere to store any of them. I thought I would try and create a 100% GF build stackable tray storage.

While It’s not perfect, it works pretty well so far. I’ve printed out two of them and they’re nice–I think the legs could be a bit longer so there’s more space between the trays. Easy enough to modify the SVG. And for those interested, I build this all in Blender. Open and saved in Inkscape, and then used Deepnest to process the files so they maximized the sheet arrangement.

A single tray can be made from two 12" x 18" x 3mm mdf which I purchased from Amazon: (afflink)

It comes out to under $5 per tray and each print is under 10min long.

The goal was to create something that was large enough but could be made with simple materials on any GF. While it can go together w/out glue, I find glue makes it more structurally sound, and if you want it even tighter, there are corner holes in the bottom to cross wire (or turnbuckle) to get it even more rigid. That said, I haven’t yet tried it b/c the glued version works fine for me.

Here’s a link to the file if anyone wants to try it out:

Let me know if you run into any issues/problems.


Congrats to your daughter for the impressive sale. Great start.

Thank you for the organizing tray file. Nice practical cut.


Nice design, thanks. What’s the max weight you’ve put on one so far? (Or max number of sheets?)


That’s very nice - and with the cut-out, easy enough to lift the upper ones if you need what’s in a lower one.
It also works a little like a sorting tray - put pieces in that have been cut and if they’re really small they’ll fall through to the next level :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks, I’ve put about 20 sheets of 1/8 in a tray, but I haven’t tried limits.


haha. Yeah, you’re right. It also can act as a drying rack for some parts if you like.


Nice design. I’m not sure you’ll find it practical as you continue to collect materials over time (if all of my materials were stacked in one pile, I’d never be able to access anything!), but I could find lots of other uses for trays like that.


I think if I make the legs a bit taller, it would work better. Then I wouldn’t have to unstack to access materials.

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I’ve never heard of Deepnest. Are you referring to https://deepnest.io/? That looks like a good tool to have in ones toolbelt. I’ve always done my layouts and part arrangement by hand.


Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. It’s a real nice layout optimization tool.


Wow, a very impressive project! Thanks for sharing your design.


I hadn’t heard of Deepnest. With a quick look at it, I’m sure it will be very useful. Thanks for mentioning it.


Nice practical cut. Deepnest is a great tool to have. I have used it several times.


How awesome for your daughter to make a sell like that! And thank you for sharing the box. Looks very practical and handy for all sorts (no pun intended) of things!

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That could work. I don’t have the biggest stash, but stacked it would easily top 6 feet.

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Just be aware that unless they changed something, deepnest has a habit of changing measurements slightly. It’s very slight, but important if you need your measurements to be spot on.


Really? Did not know that. How much does it change? These are tight fit parts, and it seems to work well. Thanks for sharing.

I can’t remember the change between Inkscape and the deepnest output, since it’s been a couple years since I tried (like I said, it could’ve changed since then), but I remember deepnest made everything slightly larger.

I was using it to try and nest some items for a client that does dollhouse miniatures, and everything was slightly too big, like a millimeter or so, nothing I could tell just by looking-but it was a huge difference for her.


Wow, thank you. Yes, congrats to you and your daughter. Great project.

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Nice project and congratulations on the sale.
Needed a reminder on that MDF as well, my box has gotten rather thin.

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