200 Watt Handheld Laser


Well… This isn’t a bad idea in any way at all… (Hard sarcasm) That said… can someone make me one? :smiley:


Laser is a strong word. More like flashlight. But VERY cool that it runs on local power and doesn’t have to be plugged in. Reminds me of some non lethal weapons that police use to temporarily blind people.


I don’t know why, but this reminded me of this website: http://www.amazing1.com/
They have a whole section on lasers, including a ray gun :wink:


Book marketed that site for future reference. Thanks


Fun, if a bit dangerous. The kerf is a little wide though.


Wow. That thing is crazy. I hope no copycats blind themselves (or others!) duplicating that monstrosity.


200W is impressive, but he’s not going to do much damage with a 4" kerf :wink: