2020 Black Friday Deals

I thought I would start things off this year.

Adobe Creative Cloud
Get 25% off.
Black Friday savings on the new release of Creative Cloud through Nov 27.

just posting deals here, no judgement


Nice! I had 1-day left in my free trial.
Canceled and re-bought using black friday deal!


Great timing!

If anyone else has missed the window, you can always have a family member signup. :slight_smile:


Seems like a couple years ago they offered a 40% off deal. I took advantage of that and just before it ran out, they offered 2 free months to existing subscribers to help them through the pandemic, so I actually got 14 months of great prices. (The deal was actually offered both on Black Friday and in April of the following year, I took the April deal).


I got that deal last year for CC and now I’m not real happy that I’ll have to pay full price soon. But it’s been good to have.

I watched some of the videos from Adobe MAX and the stuff they are doing with Sensei is amazing. It will only get better.


Try the Adobe customer support chat, they almost always give you some kind of deal extension if you reach out.


that’s a good idea! thanks, I’ll try that when the day comes.

You can always call them up and see if you can get the Good Guy discount:

Self Healing Cutting Double Sided Mat 9" x 12"(A4)


Assorted Sandpapers


Smokey Hill Designs on the facebook page: Smokey Tides Laser Supplies has been dropping “misfit” boxes for good prices (and individual sheets)…you do need to pay shipping unless it states otherwise (figure about $1 per piece for 1/8"). They are slightly smaller than GF proofgrade just fyi…but they are pretty quick getting it out.

They also dropped a big bunch of “Pattern Ply” which is their own designs that are printed on both sides of the material. I have a couple of sheets of it and a few more on their way. Going to play with that because it is just interesting. (retail here … but really in demand) It’s exclusive to them.

On that same page the Cerulean Tides acrylics has a sale…but I don’t know if it is ending tonight. I hadn’t had a chance to check it out. Has some beautiful acrylics including mirror.

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I am a glowforge pro owner and have been at a depressing stand still with replacing my filter cartridge being that they’re quite expensive and it’s time for a new cartridge.

Is there any way that the 50% off code could apply to just a replacement filter cartridge? It would have been a dream after waiting like 2 extra years for the filter if we could have received a perk like this ( An extra cartridge). There’s so much learning and mistake making I’ve done with my Glowforge just to find out what I like doing with it. There’s literally no way in my community that I’m going to refer anyone I know to buy a Glowforge. It’s just realistically a perk of membership I will never enjoy. Please consider offering a holiday discount on a replacement filter for people who have invested in your for this long!


I have a Pro as well. I decided not to get the filter and elected instead to get the Infinity inline duct fan: Cloudline S8. Best $169 ever spent. Hopefully you have a window you can vent out of. This is quieter, in my experience, than the GF fan and really SUCKS that air out of the GF!

My son has a bedroom next to the open family room that the GF is in. He cannot hear or smell the GF when it is cutting now. Which is really good because he is 100% WFH 24/7/365! and he games in his free time. He is very happy — I thought he was going to kick the GF out of his house!


For those that would have the direct link without an URL shortener:


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Hey thank you for sharing this! Do you happen to cut acrylic? This is my main issue.

When I duct out the window as I did for years while I waited for the GF filter, I can still smell the acrylic and can only run so many jobs before I just have to stop and get out of the room. I’m sensitive and working too long around the smell definitely makes me sick. This is with the duct run right out the window, no turning corners or kinking, no holes. Similar but not as bad when I work with wood.

The GF filter I use just for acrylic jobs and I swear the acrylic smell is non-existent and it’s amazing. BUT to me its definitely not sustainable for my business to shell out the replacement filter costs when apparently they don’t last very long (my experience).

The Cloudline sounds really interesting! If you use acrylic how does it manage the smell?

Thank you!

Hey Glowforge, really disappointing that nobody on your end could even validate my concern or suggestion with a simple reply.

GF staff only officially monitor the #problems-and-support section of the boards. There may be occasional comments of things here and there like some of the projects as they are real people who have maker interests that align with ours.

If you need a response from them, it’s best to either e-mail support directly or create your own new topic in #problems-and-support as that will also open a ticket with them. Just know that if you post in #problems-and-support, you are also asking for community input. Says so in FAQ.



Gotcha! Well I just posted on the P&S so let’s see what happens! :expressionless:

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yes quite a bit of acrylic. Now I’m not a business, but a hobbyist but I cut a lot in a short bit of time (after work until 11pm) and then on the weekends. I had the same problem with the acrylic using only the GF fan and venting outside. We tried wrapping the joints and insulated around but could still smell it really strong. We got the AC Infinity inline duct fan, silver taped all connection points. Turned off the GF interior fan. Turned on the inline fan and WOW. you can see the smoke just get sucked out towards the back of the Glowforge (we turn it up all the way). It really is much more powerful. My son (an adult) has praised it more than once both on the quieter fan and the smell — he says from his bedroom (right next to the “open family room”) he can’t smell anything…until he walks up right in front of the GF. Any other questions … let me know! I can take a picture if you want to see our setup. (I get headaches easily with the cutting; it’s been great since we set this up)