21+ Use Plant Markers & Jar Labels

Well, I’m sure someone could make them for normal plants but… I have my medical card in Illinois and this allows me to grow 5 plants at a time. I decided to give it a shot, my husband was really excited about it too. I wanted a clean and attractive way to label the plants in their pots, and then the “finished product” in the jars.

I used clear acrylic to avoid fading from the lights, water, etc. I engraved the words on the front and the leaf made of dots on the back, which gives it a nice depth.

The jar ones are smaller but the same, I used some shock cord that I have for my business to attach it. I will buy some smaller shock cord the next time I order, this is 1/8 and I would prefer 1/16 or so instead as this is too thick.

I am super happy with them and I just wanted to share. :slight_smile:


We were given random drug tests for the last 30 years before I retired (common practice if your job can cause collateral damage or death/ injury).
I liked smoking pot back when and I always anticipated doing so again when I retired.
So, I got some after I retired, but sadly it was terribly underwhelming.
Giving it thought brought me to the conclusion the people I was with and what we were doing was a big part of the high. Sitting on the back porch watching the grass grow did not do it. Bit of a let down, but the stuff is way too expensive these days anyway.

Looks like even growing it has become complicated, heh heh… Good luck on your harvest.


As my father was at the top job for the city that was not a political position (director of public works) persuasion was a part of his job. So they had a lot of parties and folk would stand around drinking martinis as was common then that the image became a metaphor.
Years later as Bohemian began to become Hippie I would sit about at parties where weed and a different dress code prevailed and (perhaps chemically assisted) I would flash back and forth where the joints became martini glasses and the dress code was different but otherwise they could have been exactly the same parties!


Those are great labels! The number of times great thought was put into a purchase, but by the time you get home remembering which was the pain killer, and which was the glue-me-to-the-couch was nigh on impossible after the cardboard boxes had been thrown away.


Everything is a hybrid now, I’m nostalgic for the old days and original strains.
Driven by paranoid perspectives, the government declared there was no medicinal value to cannabis, and propagated the ‘evil weed’ stigma, while the oldest drug, alcohol has been socially acceptable for-ever. As opposed to alcohol, I’ve never known anyone to get high and want to start a fight.

With the realization that cannabis can provide a degree of relief from epileptic seizures and different sources of pain, it became obvious the medicinal applications needed to be explored.

I was filling a prescription for anaprox, a non-steroid anti inflammatory (now available as Aleve) for my sciatica and while waiting I was flipping through a booklet there on the pharmacist’s counter, that listed side effects mixing prescription drugs with other drugs. The effect of cannabis with it listed ‘increased pain relief’. At that point my recreational use became medicinal. I realize now, that was a natural reflection of my progressive aging. :upside_down_face:

@tygress, nice garden there. Once a week or so, pick those bags up about a foot - and drop them. A good quick method for stimulating root propagation. Nice work on the labels!

A characteristic known in my circles as “couch lock”.


Wow, you did right by your plants. I love the markers; that’s a very elegant and organized design.

(I seem to be able to grow everything but pot.)


I never did anything at all in my “youth” - maybe 2 years of social drinking and that was it. As a child of the 80’s and a rules follower, Just Say No was a mantra. But watching things change, including laws, and developing fibromyalgia I decided that I would try it in January of 2020, for my 39th birthday. It was wonderful for pain relief. I only do edibles, I just can’t smoke or vape. I also think it got me through lockdown/the pandemic. I only do it 2-3 nights a week, when my pain is really bad.

The medical card reduces the price significantly, and I take so little it’s not a big deal.

Growing is probably easier if you’re not high intensity crazy. :slight_smile: We have the tent, special equipment to process it, special air releases on the jars… I’m sure people have done way more with much less.


We used autoflowering this time. It didn’t yield that much but we also screwed up some other things in the process. Once we know what we are doing we will switch to feminized and trigger the flowering ourselves.

Also: thanks! I wanted them to be pretty. :slight_smile:

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I take it for migraines and it works better than most of my prescriptions with less side effects.

We have one strain, Granddaddy Purp, that is 100% indica. We hadn’t grown it yet but the tags for it have been made!

Which BTW indica and sativa are not actually different in any way if you look at them chemically. It’s because of some mistake someone made when they “discovered” the plant. Is there a difference?


Hahah everything is commercially labeled now! No cardboard boxes. It still doesn’t have enough info but I use a labelmaker and label them further for my edibles. Here is what it looks like in Illinois.


Yeah, mostly what I had was like this:

The helpful coloured rings are supposed to tell me what’s what - but yeah, not so helpful for someone with a crap memory - and once you’ve lost the cardboard sleeve going on the websites and trying to say “is this teal, or turquoise” leaves some questions :stuck_out_tongue:


Or if you’re colorblind!! :smiley:

I wonder what kind of glowforge solution there would be to this… these are disposable carts or do you reuse them somehow? If they’re disposable, I would probably use the little label maker I got on Amazon. It’s a D30 by Phomemo ($30), it’s rechargable, and it uses bluetooth on your phone to make the labels. It’s really simple, the labels are dirt cheap, and come in colors and patterns. I use yellow to mark Sativa, Purple for Indica, and Green for Hybrid on my store bought edibles. You could add whatever info you want on them, wrap the label around the cart in such a way that it doesn’t block the window or air or whatever.

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Disposable, but they last for months.
I made something like this so we only have to remember to put them back in the same place.
…we don’t always remember!

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