28mm Miniature & Diorama Bases and Terrain


Love being able to make my own custom hobby items, and for me GF, in addition to everything else I’m able to do with it, has found a wonderful place in my ‘basing’ toolbox, especially for patterny urban things like bricks and stone.

Here’s what I’ve been working on the past few days, all the material is Proofgrade Medium Draftboard, miniatures (in various states of completion) are from Warlord Games’ ‘Bolt Action’ line.

And one final pic of a painted test model(s):


Follow up painted update to my 28mm Miniature Diorama/Bases post

very nice.


Fantastic work!


Awesome miniature work there! :grinning:


Your designs are so cool! Very nice indeed.


Nice work, i intend to bling out my Gloomhaven set the same way


I ordered 15mm minis in bulk because they work really well for d&d minis for a quarter of the price. Right now I am casting bases in resin to keep up with the 80 or so models I need to paint for my Starfinder campaign. These would work perfectly and take way less time.


Awesome! Who doesn’t love watching patterns printing on the laser? :slight_smile:


those look great :slight_smile:


It’s up there with pulling off a big section of masking…


:slight_smile: How many people try to peel it off in the biggest piece possible? I hate it when a piece tears off and I have to do more bits instead of having all the thin lines & bits coming off as one big piece. It seems silly but it gives me a little goal when I’m weeding.


I do that, pulling from different angles to get it in one shot. Also pulling slowly allows the adhesive time to release as opposed to pulling quickly and the paper fails before the adhesive relaxes.