Follow up painted update to my 28mm Miniature Diorama/Bases post

First found here: 28mm Miniature & Diorama Bases and Terrain

Here is a “not quite complete but closer to done than not” update for those bases I cut out! They have models and paint on them now!

I painted over the masking, so far no bubbles or peeling. I did have to re-glue one or two guys to their bases after they got crushed… by accident… by me… ahem

Ahead is a ton of weathering and details but overall loving my GF-cut bases and terrain and working on some more for future projects!


Gosh, the detail is amazing! Well done!


Yeah that’s pretty amazing all right! (I’d never have that much patience!) :grinning:


holy … wow detail so well done


Flames of War?

Nice job with the bases, i have been thinkng the same thing with cobblestone patterns and the like. Etching them as you have done makes painting them so much easier and they look fantastic

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Really nice work!

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They look great! Amazing what they add to your display.

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Almost there, Flames of War is a 15mm game, everything is ~1/2 as big - these guys are for Bolt Action

Me too! I used to hand sculpt those with epoxy putty but the GF would be much faster and more consistent :smiley:

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Great job on the details!

Nice work!

Very nice! I backed the DragonLock kickstarter, which provided 3D models for printing terrain, buildings, etc. Using the GF seems much faster and more precise. I really have to do some post-processing to allow for a nice paint job on the printed parts.

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I don’t have time to play the few games I have. This really makes me want to get into miniature gaming.

I still haven’t played a single game with this group, but I like being able to work on something non-digital as a hobby. Easy to put down and pick up again, and in the end a tangible product :slight_smile: