2mm motor shaft mounts?

Posting here because this community always has answers lol.

Anyone know of any STL files that are gears / mounts for the 2mm motors?

Unsure why these are so hard to find! I mean if I could lasercut a solution id do that too, I just think a quick 3D print would be easy.

Roll your own?


I’ve used the sites above to create gears cut from wood and Delrin. Faster than 3D printing, but if preferred, take the resultant SVG, import into tinkercad, SketchUp, etc., and extrude to desired thickness. Export STL and you’re ready to go.


you can check thingiverse.com

here are some gears

here are some motor mounts


Another place to check is McMaster-Carr’s online catalog. They have 3D design files in various formats for pretty much all their extensive hardware catalog. Although I have to say, that printing them still takes some adjustment. Maybe because I’ve used resin, not pla, but parts I’ve printed from the files never seem to fit perfectly with the thing they are supposed to mate with.


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