2nd laser printer

I’m completely ignorant around laser printers, I bought my Glowforge on the recommendation from my nephew that it was plugged play. I’d say there’s a bit of a learning curve …
I’d like to know from someone who’s done the research around different laser printers, if you bought a second machine In the price range of a Glowforge or Glowforge Pro, what would it be?

Boss Thunder Laser. It’s taller than a GF but that means it will do rotary things or engrave on taller stuff. Also get Lightburn for the software component to drive the machine. It’s an RF (metal) tube laser so the 30W is about equal to the GF. Last I looked it was in the $5K range. Non-proprietary parts so if their support can’t help, or you want to d-i-y, you can fix it with off the shelf parts.

If the GF wasn’t “plug & play” enough for you, I’m not sure you’ll find anything better at any price point though.


There is a lot about graphics that a Glowforge owner needs to know, but there is not a need to be a laser engineer to own a Glowforge. I have had my pro for six years and did some stupid stuff (not realizing a magnet could mess with electronics) but I started it up the first day. I have a 3D printer that needs more engineering to get it started at all, an the company that built it is dead. So the Glowforge has been producing from the first day and the 3d printer that was $2k has never moved.


Thank you I’ll look into that


Im thinking the Boss Thunder Laser with Lightburn is back to school again, so i’m leaning towards GF plus as 2nd machine, because I am familiar with the system.
Do you have a Boss Thunder Laser, or do you know if it’s an easy learn or PHD Learning curve?

It is different than the GF. Lightburn is a standard for operating lasers but different than the GFUI. It’s more directly controlling things than you do with the GF. Glowforge has really abstracted controlling the laser from the software that you interact with.

I’ve taught a lot of people to use a variety of laser machines. I don’t think there was a PhD in the lot of them :slightly_smiling_face: It’s a one step at a time process. Having someone experienced helps if you have another owner nearby. The GF is the easiest to learn. Lightburn isn’t terribly hard but it is less “easy” than the GF.

Like I said above, if the GF was too difficult, you’re not likely to find anything easier. The closest you could come would maybe be one of the knockoffs that copied the GF but I don’t think the $ savings is there.


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