3" circle in SVG coming out at 2.990"

On a proofgrade material, the 3" circle in the SVG is coming out in the real world at 2.990" max OD. How do I adjust to get my parts right on size? Suggestions?

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Might help to post your file that’s having the problem.

There are options in both illustrator and Inkscape that will show the size of the shape in the program with and without the strokes, that can impact what the final size is.

You also have a kerf from the beam. It’s removing material on both sides of the cut. If you figure out the kerf for the specific material, you can offset the path in your design to accommodate the material removal.

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2.99" from a 3" circle sounds like kerf to me. There are tutorials for dealing with it in the Tips and Tricks section, and the Matrix has links to individual instructions depending on the program you’re using.

They’re currently on line #120 in the Matrix here:


What material? It’s almost certainly kerf, as 5 thou is what I get with PG hardwoods and plywood.

What everyone said about kerf, but also keep in mind that some programs (inkscape for sure) include stroke width in total part size, by default.

There’s a preference to turn that off, but if you aren’t sure, turn off stroke, give it a fill, then resize to 3". Then return to stroke on, fill off, and you have a cut circle. Kerf adjustment beyond that is up to you.

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Can you give me a route to that preference /
Just been down the lengthy list, but can’t spot it in Preferences !

Edit> Preferences> Tools Tab> Geometric Bounding Box.


What @jules said, but in the current version it’s not a tab exactly, more a horizontal listing of prefs.

Tools is the very first item on the lefthand list. Visual (stroke included) vs geometric (no stroke included).

Holy skittles… now there’s a handy feature!

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Thanks folks, got it sorted !

Ah, of course. Kerf.

The inkscape approach messed me up recently; I had a 5mm circle but when I changed the line width it resized it down to 4.95mm, which messed things up.

Thanks for the help everyone.
I’m going to close this thread - if you have any more questions, go ahead and post a new topic.