3+ hour detail and the Purple light comes on 1 hour into and during the detail

I believe it was Ivan that explained the machine should not need the WiFi during it’s cutting. Then why bother shutting me down during a cut because the GF detects a WiFi disconnect. These catastrophic failures make the brand worthless.

Look for the spin in the replies from GF.

Could you share the error message you received? It really has been the understanding around here that once the Glowforge begins printing a job, the wifi is not necessary. If this is not the case users need to know.


Zero warning, zero message, zero recovery, it just happened again. This is second workpiece it has ruined.

Timer is still running like nothing is wrong.


and it didn’t again. Worthless software, worthless machine, worthless service, worthless brand. Not even a decent hobby brand.

Jericho Gallery hates Glowforge.

As you may or may not know, Glowforge support does not monitor this forum. Therefore, you are only having your post read by other owners. To get any assistance from Glowforge, you will need to contact them directly and they will review your machine logs.


Yea, I know. Their weakness not ours. A brand interested in servicing their clients would get involved. It’s a measurement that they don’t.

I am not here to defend Glowforge. Most folks here are just trying to help if they have insight that might be helpful. I have heard recently that phone support is available. Also, the purple light is not necessarily an indication that anything has happened with the wifi even though that is what you have stated causes this problem. At any rate, you are a long time user with a frustrating experience and you know how to contact support.


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