30 DoD Challenge - Day 15 - Fraction Board

As discussed here, I’m doing a challenge of designing something new each day for 30 days (30 Days of Design Challenge )

Here is the design I made for day 15. I’m half way through the challenge, so it makes sense for me to make a fraction board. My wife is teaching my youngest how fractions work. She asked me to make them a “fraction” board. Which is basically a bunch of squares and rectangles with are fractions of each other.

Keen eyes will notice that one of the 1/3 and 3 of the 1/6 did not print well. Oh well.


I’m gonna guess duplicated lines for those - but conveniently you probably have an almost perfect jig already cut!


Yes, it was a duplicate line issue (where I had duplicated the 1/3 and 1/6 over top of each other). I just did not notice until after moving the pieces, and I did not have time to cut them again.

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Pretty cool tool at any rate!

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Nice! I am going to have to make a set for my kid. I can see the fractions being an issue a ½ mile away!


What’s your coloring process? (I have NO experience with paint or or stain or color or basically art of any sort and I’m looking to start learning this year) I love how you did it.

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I just off the shelf wood stains, mostly varithane stains. When I go to the hardware store, I usually pick up a small can of stain of a color I don’t have. So now I have about 20-30 different little stain cans that I can use on different projects.

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Thanks. I guess it’s all magic until you pick it up and start trying it. :smile:

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