30 DoD Challenge - Day 26 - Card Stock Rocket

As discussed here, I’m doing a challenge of designing something new each day for 30 days (30 Days of Design Challenge )

Here is the design I made for day 26.

I’ve been wanting to work with card stock for a while, so I decided to try it. Here is a rocket ship zooming through the air made with cardstock I found at Walmart.

The rocket is not mine. I found it here: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Circle-icons-rocket.svg

Everything else I made in inkscape.


Fabulous! I’m getting more and more into using cardstock. I love it.


Like how the design came together!


Very nice! I like that layering approach. Great execution.


Looks spectacular!

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Wonderful! How did you cut out all of the stars without them flying all over the place? Also, what type of cut method did you use? :grin: :+1:

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The card stock was heavy enough that it did not fly around.

I used 350 speed at 50% power (on a pro). Although I think I could use less power if I tried it.

That is a great design. Thanks for sharing these.

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