30 DoD Challenge - Day 7 - D&D Signs

As discussed here, I’m doing a challenge of designing something new each day for 30 days (30 Days of Design Challenge )

Here is the design I made for day 7. My kids and their friends play a lot of D&D (Dungeons and Dragons). I used to play when I was their age too. So I made these signs to put in our entrance and basement.

The signs are about 18" tall, and 10" wide.


Ha! This is super fun. I’ve loved seeing all your gaming-related posts!

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Nice inlay!

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Well, I’m glad the pictures fooled you. There’s no inlay at all. The signs are actually void (no material) where you are seeing black. So when they are on the wall, you will see the wall behind it.

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Really? I thought I saw at least two different kinds of wood!

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What kind of wood is that? I’m liking the different finish for different depth of engrave.

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@cynd11 and @eflyguy.

This is all one piece of Baltic Birch. The dice “corners” and the words are engraved. I scored all the lines of the dice as well.


This was very creative.

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