3d Christmas ornament ( snowy cabin)

Nice. I like Boone. I’ve done a bit of motorcycle riding there. It’s actually what convinced me to pull up 300 year old roots and look to move.

We’re looking closer to Asheville (hospitals, care facilities, etc) so when we get to that point we know the services will be close by. But we have looked as far north as Burnsville (Mt Mitchell) and south to Murphy (mostly because of the Campbell school and they have a Possum Drop on New Years Eve…a place with a sense of humor).

The western side of NC is nice for the mountains and lacks the humidity of the central region (Raleigh down to Charlotte). Still have 4 seasons but winter isn’t 6 months long and 10 feet of snow deep :slight_smile:



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How long does this take to cut, and are you using a special type of wood?

Come visit us at Willis Observatory when Covid is cured
Bakersville, NC

We are five minutes from Penland.

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Visiting Penland School in that area is wonderful. I spent a summer there blowing glass, and for any crafty person it is a paradise, It still has the old farm houses, some built of logs, but the finest up to date equipment and many masters with markets all over the world living in the area.

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So very generous of you. Thank you this is beautiful. Will make a lovely gift.

Thank you. I made one this afternoon. Personalized and then shifted the moon to the right side so I could add Santa and his sleigh to the background.

Next is seeing what mischief I can get up to by using different materials. Hmmmmm… Maybe a mirrored acrylic back panel?