3D engaving

I want to make a 3D effect on wood using only one piece does anyone have a video out thereo n how to do this

3D engraving uses something called Depth Mapping, which is usually created in a program like Blender or Zbrush, although there are some workarounds for those who don’t have the $$$ to blow on Zbrush.

Link here:

Since it is a raster image, the 3D Engrave option will only show up in the Glowforge User Interface for raster images, and it is limited to hardwoods, acrylic and draftboard. (3D engraving on plywood generally doesn’t work very well because of the veneer.)

If you are using Manual Settings, you can duplicate the effect of the 3D Engrave process by using Vary Power rather than Convert to Dots.


3d engraving works pretty well on Oak plywood. and Baltic Birch but not well on most others. If there is an MDF with very thin surface ply you can set a minimum cut to get through that upper surface. In Revolution wood that surface is thinner than paper and what is below is consistent with minimal voids or Bondo.

this is oak plywood


This was done with the 3D print option of the GF on Basswood Ply. The pattern I got from Shutterstock (it has 3 colors on the pattern).
To be honest I didn’t know it would come out like this, it was an accident and with a bit of careful work it actually came out Okie. The end customer loved it, and she uses it for a jewelry box.

In my opinion, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, in fact try a few you might learn something kewl with it.


Depth map on basswood hardwood, not plywood.

Thanks for the answer everyone. I’m going to close this thread - if there are more questions about this topic, please start a new thread.