3D Engrave-Help!


I have been trying to 3D engrave the topography of Arizona but can’t find the 3D engrave option. Here is a photo of the image/DEM and the selections I get when I try to engrave it. I have tried putting the image in a svg file, a pdf file and just the plain image produced from the DEM.

Is the 3D command hiding only from me? :slight_smile:

Advice would be appreciated. I must be doing something really stupid!


I can’t see from the screenshot, what kind of art are you using? 3d is only available for bitmaps so it won’t show up for pure vector SVGs or PDFs.


Proofgrade 3D engrave settings only show up for certain materials (I believe acrylic and hardwoods).


It is limited but not quite that limited. Most of the :proofgrade: works if you have the right artwork.


Whoops! My mistake then ( I don’t use it so I was repeating what I had seen stated by somebody).


That must be my problem @markevans36301 , my images are NOT bit maps!!! I will convert them and give it a try tomorrow. Thanks!!!


Well, I think @cynd11 missed Draftboard, but there isn’t 3D engrave on: plywood, leather or veneers. So the list, if I’m not mistaken, is hardwood, acrylic and draftboard.


And my understanding is you can get the 3D effect on others using manual settings with “vary power”, but the effects may not be as predictable as the Proofgrade “3D Engrave” settings on the appropriate Proofgrade material.


That’s correct. It is basically what the PG 3D Engrave is doing under the covers. It just only offers it when they can give somewhat predictable results. The problem with stuff like plywood is that you’ve got more than one material that will react differently to the same power. You could create a depthmap with this in mind though so you can choose which parts are in the top ply and what is digging into the layer beneath.

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It’s not just that it reacts differently - it looks different. Pop past the plywood veneer and you’re into the draftboard core - which will look completely different than the surface material.


That’s what I meant. But you clarified it.


If you’re going for depth, find some basswood. Michael’s carries it. It carves nicely and produces far less goop than Draftboard/MDF.

I would also encourage you to do the boring part and make a file for cut carve tests. You’ll likely want to go beyond the Proofgrade settings sooner or later. My test looks like this:

(I used the free font White Rabbit for the fine print.)

Index of material settings and a question about engraving

Thanks for the great help in this thread, everyone. @timtsuga, were you able to successfully 3D engrave your design?


Yes!!! The secret was to use Draftboard and not the maple plywood!! Here is the first one, Arizona, not cleaned. I’m satisfied with the results of the first one.


North Dakota rivers and lakes, also not yet cleaned.


I’m glad to see that it worked out! Thanks for letting me know. I’m going to go ahead and close this thread - if you run into any other trouble, please start a new thread or email support@glowforge.com.