3D Engraving Pai Sho Tiles

I’ve been wanting to make my own pai sho tiles, so I used the free designs here as 2D bases for drawing 3D designs. (You can play the game online here by the way.)

The first test batch turned out well, though I do have one issue I would appreciate advice on.

I did these all at the same time with the same settings, so why does only the bottom row have distinct lines in the background? The svg files all have a solid black background, so it must have something to do with the laser process. I’m new to Glowforge, so I don’t know much about troubleshooting. Thanks!


I painted the first batch red. I set the cut speed too slow for the second batch and the edges charred a bit, so I painted that set black. For the third batch, I merged all the separate tile images into one solid image and finally got the lines to stop appearing. Still have no idea what the issue was, but at least there’s a workaround.


What kind of material was this? Support would ask you to reproduce the issue on Proofgrade material to eliminate that as a variable.

It’s 1/4" maple with MDF core. I’m mostly just asking on the side here in hopes that it’s a basic problem with a simple solution. If it’s not, I’ll just use proofgrade and ask in Problems and Support. :slightly_smiling_face:

If the engraving lands at just the intersection of MDF and maple the grain of the maple might be showing up. I usually use a high lpi to avoid those lines.

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No, you’d struggle to get Proofgrade anyway.

It’s been seen as an issue before, the problem is support won’t help unless it’s on Proofgrade.

There’s been some discussion, the best theory is a mismatch between the image resolution and the print LPI. That’s why, if you can replicate on a sample of PG material, you can open a ticket and include you file sample to get them to look into it further. So far, there’s been no definitive answer.

Hate to be polluting your gallery post with this… :zipper_mouth_face:


I’d be curious if you ran even just one of the bottom ones above the top set - I’d bet that’d confirm it’s a material issue along that bottom edge

But all that aside, that’s lovely! Especially the two ends on that top row. The depth and clarity is gorgeous :heart:

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Thanks! I actually did try switching the two rows for my next attempt, but the same 6 tiles got the same line issue. I’ve got no idea what to make of it, since file-wise all 12 images should be the same in quality, size, resolution, etc. But I got the third batch to come out alright so all is well. Enjoy more pics in the updated post! :slightly_smiling_face:

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