Pai Sho Board and Vagabond Pai Sho Tiles


I’m making the designs for my Pai Sho board available. Also, the designs for Vagabond Pai Sho, an incredible chess-like game, are available as well. If you’ve ever enjoyed chess, you need to try this game. You can get to the rules and play online at :slight_smile:

Download the designs for both from

Example of Vagabond Pai Sho tiles (first image) and Pai Sho board (second image):

Example of Vagabond Pai Sho tiles:

My process for creating the board is more involved than just firing up the designs, with how I prepare the boards to get the grain at the right angle for each piece, so if you plan on doing it, let me know if you’d like pointers on how I do things! I’ll gladly share the settings I use for the various levels of engrave quality for tiles I offer as well.

Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions! Designs for other tile sets may be added to that download page in the future.


Beautiful! Thanks for the share. I hope to play soon.


Thank You, That is a very beautiful board and pieces.