3D Greyscale file link 浮雕灰度图


Thought I’d share a nice find. I spent many an hours going down a rabbit hole in search of some images to practice 3D engraving with. I learned there are a LOT of images available on Chinese websites if you know what to search for.

I can’t read any of the websites, so you are on your own as far as figuring our copyright, how to purchase the actual files etc. I downloaded a few to tweak and practice with for my own amusement and will not be using them commercially. If you google “how to spell (whatever) in Chinese” it will show you an automatic translation you can just copy & paste at the end of the above search string to narrow down what you are looking for. Hope someone can use it!


(don’t know how/if I can shorten the crazy long link :-/ )

Washing wood without warping

Wow, incredible find… great images.


I’d love to be able to actually pay for these (and hopefully get higher-res versions that way) but I don’t think any of these sites use payment systems that I can use. :frowning:


Searching for “grayscale cnc” turns up some pretty neat files too. Not nearly as many as you have found though. Thanks for the share.


Yeah, I found a few linked to Aliexpress where they were for sale for about $1, but most I couldn’t figure out how to even get them into the cart. Maybe there’s someone here who can read Chinese and can figure it out for us.


Here you go…



Not all heroes wear capes.


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Well there goes the next few hours.


No capes!


You misspelled ‘days’. That’s a lot of engraving to do!


Wow … amazing! Thank you for posting!


Zowie, what trove! Thanks!