3D-looking objects

These objects use different woods to make shadow effects to help them appear as 3D. Maple, Red Oak, and Walnut were used.
13 3D illusion objects.docx (1.1 MB)


I positively HATE MS Word! :sunglasses:


Love these! Very sharp looking.

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Cool, before taking delivery of the Glowforge I made a similar item with my Carvey. I used the plans found here…

Turned out nice, been meaning to do another with the Glowforge.


Thanks for getting the real pictures to look at. I’m prone to Pilot Error with computers … an over-90-year-old guy.


That’s outstanding.


These are simply amazing! What do you do with them? I think they would make great jewelry.

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The smallest is about 1 inch in size. Most are about 1.25 inches. The burr is about 3 inches. Lots of parts to glue together. Maybe the smaller ones could be used for earrings or a brooch?


My brain itchez. (again)

These are gorgeous!

I definitely see jewelry potential; a pin or earrings maybe.

The way you’ve angled the grain to accentuate the illusion is incredible.

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I’ll upload some photos of the pieces I made and scale shots but I wanted to share this beautiful design. I’ve been making things out of scroll saw wood that I bought online and it just so happened I had three species to play with. I think this is really one of the best uses of the glow Forge I haven’t done much in late work until now. Thanks for sharing the design on mine.

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Well done! :sunglasses:

Thanks. I kept the walnut for the triangles of negative space… And the design I made is a repeating shape of the rhombuses (each side of the cube), so I have triangles of each wood. I think I’ll paint or stain them black so I can make 4 cubes per each type of wood. I’m happy to upload the design here if anyone wants. I use scroll saw wood blanks for this that I buy off ebay. I use them for almost everything.

I did that one a few months ago too. It’s a great design! I used maple, cherry, walnut, and wenge.


That’s still a beautiful piece. It looks so 3-D and escher at the same time :smile:

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Looks cool, but I think a small mistake on the lower right corner.
Unless of course, you’re shooting for an optical illusion.:grinning:

Good catch! Not glued, just moked up and I made that change - would be cool to make it more Escher like intentionally. MIght make a few versions like that as well.

I’ve never tried using gradients in Inkscape, so here are the first efforts using gradients and GF prints.

First spiral uses maple and walnut woods. Second maple with gradient HD Graphic.

The first intertwined square used 3D Engrave; the second HD Graphic. Compare these with the two-wood one shown in the second row of photos at very top.
IMG_2856 IMG_2855
Last are three cubes using Maple with gradients and HD Graphic print with a 3-wood construct using the same basic drawing.
The gradient prints need more work … probably beyond my skill set.


Here are 2 more, including the 3D-trivet cube.