3D Maze

So, should be pretty easy, right? 1/8" for the base with the holes, and 1/4" for the walls (might have to go with 1/2").


Another way to think about this build is to still use 1/8" for the walls, but turn them on their sides. So if you need to use 1/2", rather than trying to cut through 1/2" material you would cut 1/2" wide strips of 1/8" in what ever length you would need. Then to remember where to glue or build the maze, you score the maze line, or engrave it so it has inlay kerf. The downside to this idea is the fact you will have seam lines.

I may or may not have thought about how to build this before.


That’s a good point. You’ll need to keep in mind the other side to ensure that there isn’t too much crossover.

With the right maze the walls could be cut in just two pieces. (actually, if the entry/exit are holes, maybe only one piece - can’t remember enough topology to say for sure).

Make the walls a bit thicker so it doesn’t flex too much and it would stack together easily.

Make each layer of the maze detachable - people could choose to do the hidden layers, er, hidden, or take off the top layer to see what they are doing.

A fellow glowforge owner has a solution for you.


Gimp has a nice layout tool for mazes


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