3d Packing Simulator

I am looking for a simulator to help me make a bunch of various shipped objects and pack them into a box of set dimensions

basically I want to know how to design certain things size wise so they will fit inside another object. Is anyone aware of an online simulator that will allow me to pack a box?


2D or 3D box? For 2D there’s https://deepnest.io/


I was trying to find that, but you beat me to it.



I am looking to basically make board game inserts so I know my outer box and I know my dimensions of my contents and the thickness of my material, I am looking for something to help me design the boxes to go inside and hold the stuffs…

for example https://thebrokentoken.com/deepwater-game-crate-2018

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thank you

Oh! Then you’re looking for a box generator. Makercase, boxes.psy, and Boxomatic would all do the trick.


they don’t generate multiple boxes inside a constrained box. the most they will do is generate an equally divided divider but I want to create multiple different size things inside a box



Then you just make additional boxes in the smaller sizes that fit inside, no?

They are all different sizes I need something to visualize them in 3d

If you don’t want to just use one of the free box makers to make one at a time, then you will need to use some kind of 3-D program. Fusion360 is free, steepish learning curve. Sketchup Make is easier and also free. There’s tons more in many price points.

If you can imagine them in 3D you can design them in 2D. I do this all the time.

Then I take my 2D designs and test them virtually in tinkercad.com

Like this:

Or this:

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I mean this basically sounds like a project for parametric cad like fusion or OnShape. The parameters would be the bounding box of an assembly .


This is just like the parametric demo they do in the fusion YouTube channel where they build a tool chest to fit specific things.

You’re misstating what I am looking for. It’s not a matter of not wanting to create boxes ne at a time it’s a matter of having a computer calculate dimensions of various sized boxes that would fit together inside a fixed constrained space

Apparently, it’s called the “bin packing problem”, there’s tons of research on this, and algorithms available to download.

Alas that’s still not what I’m looking for because I don’t know the size of everything

I am looking for something that will allow me to set sizes of certain boxes and fit them within other boxes

Like I said it’s to make an insert for a game. The board is a fixed size but something to hold token is not. To that end I don’t want tokens stacked vertically

What I need is a program that will help me visualize the amount of space I have insider fix constraint and then design other boxes around that.

Bin packing is optimizing the contents that go inside of a box and that’s not what I’m concerned with I’m trying to figure out how to make different size boxes that fit inside the constrained area. These inside boxes May need to grow or shrink arbitrarily just to fill space or make some space available but of course they wouldn’t be able to shrink to nothing

Been packing is when you know the sizes of everything and are trying to fit it

I am trying to find something that will help me determine the sizes of various smaller boxes that will fit inside the larger box and then all of these boxes together fit together like a puzzle

How about something like floor plan software? It is 2D, but should be simple to try layouts. You could even do it with graph paper and move things around by hand.
Set the room dimensions to the box size then make the “couch” a good size for the cards and the “coffee table” a good size for the tokens.

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My honest suggestion is you find an advanced maths discussion forum. People love to solve problems like that.

Looking at the formulae for different approaches to the packing problem, it seems your number of solutions rapidly approaches ∞ for anything above n=1. You need to automate the random generation and solve for that within a confined space.

youre set on it being a packing problem but its completely different not sure if you aren’t understanding what I want to do or if you don’t understand what packing algorithms actually do