3D printable hose flange

Surprised I couldn’t find one of these on Thingiverse so I designed one. I’ve printed it in PET-G and confirmed that it’s a perfect fit for the Glowforge exhaust hose. The overall height may be little excessive, so consider scaling Z down or cancelling the print before it completes to get the right overlap.


I am working on one that will use centrifugal force to pull out the big bits so there is less to clog the filter,
I am concerned however that short of a 14" x 12" x 7" 3D printer job that I can afford it will be hard to get it made . I will post it when it is done in Blender anyway.

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And a flange for the other end:

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Thanks! Exactly what I was about to design.

here’s my finished window insert with printed flange attached. i put a bead of silicone caulk down on the contact points for improved sealing and it has been working well. at this time, the primary lingering odor comes from scraps (soon resolved by a knock-off pelican case).