3D Printed Light-Up Holiday Trees



Here’s a video about some tchotchkes I made this year. Between various prototypes and the 25 I gave away, I had a veritable Santa’s Workshop production line in my basement for several weekends. I’m looking forward to having the use of a laser cutter for next year’s project.

Weekly Highlights for the week of Dec 25, 2016
I don't need no 3D Printer?

What a cool little project! Your instructions were very clear–even I could do this project. I don’t have a 3D printer but it would be easy to make this with paper or green sheet plastic. Bookmarking this one for sure!


Those are very nice !! Siple idea changed to make a novel little Xmas decoration ! Quick question out of curiosity (I don’t have a 3d printer yet - waiting on a kickstater), but why finish printing the tree to the top point when you cut it off for the led. Could you just not print the last tiny bit? Just wondering… Again thanks for the video !




Another star towards getting a 3d printer…these are really cute


Nice tutorial! Good job step by step. Thanks for the inspiration!


And thx for the little tutorial about how to solder on the LEDs. With my EE daughter living out of town I have to learn how to do it myself now lol


Thanks for the tutorial great for newbie electricians.


Great demo! Might have to give that a try for next year, the trees are adorable! :smile:


Very informative. Fun project as well :relaxed:


By far the most succinct reason for many design choices that get made.


Nicely done. Good incentive to try things like this with LEDs.


So cool!


I’m loving the one you sent me! It’s surprisingly compelling to watch, for such a seemingly simple object.


I’m really impressed with what you’ve done in building these Christmas trees. I expect you won’t have any issues building your gift from the exchange. I hope you will find time to do that in the near future with the production of your trees completed.


It’s in the project queue. I’ll probably start on it right after I finish the four-day-weekend lab cleanup.