Weekly Highlights for the week of Dec 25, 2016



Be sure to check out last week’s Highlights Reel as well:

Weekly Highlights 18-DEC-16

Highlights from Staff

Check out this glass ornament action:

Highlights from Beta & Pre-Release Users

Beer Bottle Bangles

Cheese Please

Magnetic Vent Hose Coupler

Veneer Inlay: Compass Rose (Work in Progress)

Ornamental Inlay Photo Frame

Skateboard Repair - Nailed it!

New Pre-Releaser…Congratulations @karaelena! (lots of goodies in this one)

Working with Fabrics

Playing with Rasters

Highlights from Forum Members

3D Printed Light Up Holiday Trees Construction

Depth Mapping Tests

Vector Magic Auto-Trace Software

Easy Wood Inlay Technique

Laser Foil Instructions

Wooly Boogers

Tips for Vector Design for the Glowforge

Celtic Knot Design in CorelDraw

Celtic Knot Design in Affinity Designer

Weekly Highlights for the Week of January 1, 2017

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Not a wiki as I can tell from this. You need to enable it as original poster I believe.


Yes, we’ll add the links over the next week for this one. The one that needs shifting is last weeks.

(And mom is feeding me again, so I got interrupted…I’ll wikify this one in a sec if I can.)


Made it to the highlight reel


You’d have made it sooner, but my stupid cable got cut! Chuckle! :relaxed:


Large Hightlights Reel. Hopefully getting longer as more Forges are released…


There was a lot more activity this week than I expected…you guys were smokin’ this week! (Doesn’t anybody believe in vacations?) :wink: