3D printing, cell phone powered?



I was waiting for this to get all of their backlogs (shipping) done before ordering.

I have enough different phones to work with.


Begs the questions, how much is the polymer, shelf life and how sensitive to ambient light?


They couldnt do any demos at Makerfaire supposedly because of the light…


I can just see in the future - “autocorrect Olo failures”. LOL :smile:


Interesting. Wonder about frequencies it may not be sensitive to.
Pretty rough not being able to demo your product at a gathering designed for exposure. :thinking:


I’ve been waiting for this longer than I have my GF. And I could actually see a GF working in NY this fall :wink:


I’m an OLO backer and can provide some feedback when mine arrives, hopefully in January or February. There must be more OLO backers here though.

The resin is “expected” to cost about $15 for an 80 gram bottle - no idea of shelf life or light sensitivity, but since it apparently uses light from your cell phone it seems likely that you don’t want to leave it exposed to ambient light. In the marketing photos they show the resins in translucent bottles but have stated somewhere that the actual resin bottles will be opaque.

They’ve released the web-based software but I’ve been too busy to try that.

They have plans for a tablet-sized model, which could be interesting if it works at all well.


I’m a backer on this one also. Can’t wait to get it. Not holding my breath though…


I’m just imagining receiving a message while it’s printing and getting a print of that. Guess it’ll need to be in airplane mode while it goes.


Look forward to hearing your OLO production reports… Even videos.


I hadn’t heard of OLO before, but it looks like they’re using the same or similar process as these guys: http://carbon3d.com/.

The video says that “OLO even has a castable resin that can be fused, so you can create an object in silver and gold or other casting metals.” Does that just mean that you can create a mold?


Having the phone on vibrate could produce interesting results. :slight_smile:

I have a FSL Pegasus Touch SLA printer and even their resin which is tuned to very specific wavelength of laser light, must be stored in black opaque bottles because stray ambient UV light will eventually cure it.

$15 for an 80 gram bottle is on par with other photopolymer resins usually averaging $125-$200 per liter.


The resin is a polymer light solidifying material. It is similar to the the process of the Carbon3D, but on a very limited scale.

The company is using hardware that someone already has (cell phone), selling an inexpensive device and providing the consumables (sell the printer cheap and make the money on the ink).


Time to pull out an old phone or an iPod or some such.


Modern nail varnishes are uv cured.
A cheapo option for experiments ?



There is another larger scale version of this with the gizmo 3d printer. It’s basically a dlp projector that points down at a resin vat and a build plate that sinks according to proper timing.


@v8tony I like your avatar man…heh, heh. :heart_eyes: - Rich




That seems strange given for operation it looks like it’s sealed from ambient light.

Maybe they had other issues…

I wonder when the iPad version will be available?