3D printing, cell phone powered?

I like the looks of that. I also like putting things together, so that may be the one I go with. The price is right too.

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The new excuse for “missing/ignoring” that call… “I’m sorry, I must have been printing something when you called…”


What site did you buy that on? I’ve tried gearbest.com and I am having trouble getting the order to go through.

Just a quick warning on Gearbest. If you didn’t know it already, shipping from Gearbest takes a LONG time. I ordered a bike light and it took nearly two months I think… in my case it was worth it because the cost was FAR lower than anything I could get in the US.

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It is almost a $100 cheaper but I’m guessing my bank is blocking it because of their location.

This is the one I got. In my case it took about 10 days to arrive to US from China warehouse, but it is still in transit.


Holy buckets what a steal! It was hard to keep myself from buying that. That would’ve been the definition of a compulsive buy!

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Thats like the one I ordered. I paid more to get it locally. Cant wait for it to get here.

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I love my Prusa i3! It was not as fast to get successful prints as my Printrbot, but my oh my what a value! It is very consistent once dialed in. It is our go to printer now, even for the kids.

One item of note, be sure to place it on a very flat surface and keep it there. Because of its design, it will flex some to match whatever surface you have it placed on. If you move it from your desk to your table, you will likely need to re-level the bed (not hard, but important). I have not had to re-level since discovering this.


Not the most excited hear this, but not surprised. With my first baby coming shortly, I’d rather have something that works well sooner than later. Though, have you found that once you do have successful prints that many prints after are successful? Or do you have to change things for each print (change things such as extruder rate and speeds and feeds)?

It took me about 5 hours to put the kit together and another 5 hours before I was happy with my prints. This is having some experience with 3D printers already under my belt.

I have had great success with the printer. It has been in action in our house for about 6 months now. The kids frequently pull down Thingiverse files and print quick gifts for friends. We print pretty exclusively in PLA. I never change any settings, even for the wood PLA, other than the print speed. We get impatient and frequently bump the speed up 150%.

This is not the printer I would recommend to someone just getting into 3D printing that just wants it to work out of the box. There are lots of other options out there for that person. This printer is perfect for the more hands on person that wants a large print area, heated print bed and an epic value.


Wow! Seems perfect then. I built a Prusa from scratch when I worked in the college’s machine shop. We did the Bowden style feeder for ABS (that was the only thing I tried).

Perhaps PLA is easier to get working right?!

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Much, much easier. :sunglasses:


Oh! That’s great to know then :feels like less of a loser:

Olo just posted an update and it looks like they are still at least a month from shipping. They’ve now got UL cerification, along with FCC approval, and international certifications for RoHS, EMI, and resin safety. Apparently that means that they have passed the associated tests but still need to wait 3-4 weeks to get the official paperwork so that they can apply logos. Makes me wonder how much of this GF still needs to go through and where they are in the approval process for each of the regulatory bodies.


I am new to 3D printers, hoping to figure it out quickly. If not, I will be hitting you guys up for help if you don’t mind?

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Sure. And what we don’t know, we can make up :slight_smile:


I don’t know much, still figuring things out myself. Glad to help out