3D Sculpture


I am starting a project to make a 3d sculpture of a bird. Does anyone know of any good free resources to make a 3d model and then split it up so I can print it out?


A pic of the kind of model you are thinking of would be a good starting point for ideas. A laser is not really the most appropriate tool for creating organic objects, but it can be done if you’re looking at something like a skeletal structure or stacked layers…


I believe Fusion 360 has a slicer in it - if I understand your need.


Does this work for you: Kiri Moto

Make sure to select laser; there you will find the slicer option.

This will only complete one part of your request. It does not do modeling.


Yes, that layers is what I am thinking of!


Then any 3D design app will work, the you just need to use a slicer (Fusion’s is called Slicr)…

Is there a free version or do you have to pay?

Fusion 360 for personal use is free, i.e. can’t sell anything you design with it.

Are you familiar with 3D modeling applications? If not, be prepared for a steep learning curve.


Autodesk abandoned their slicer product a few years ago. Which is unfortunate, because I’m not sure there’s really an exact replacement. But it’s also extremely hard to search for, since “slicer” is a 3D printing thing (and programs which do that are not for laser cutting).

You might consider using http://flatfab.com/ if you want to design something this way.


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