3d wave digital glowforge settings to print pictures on wood

Hello, I am trying to figure out the setting when printing on wood for picture I bought from 3d wave digital on etsy

There are lots of posts here in the forum regarding preparing photos for optimum engraves as well as lots of examples of photo engraves on wood. I suggest that you read lots of information here, do some testing and then post the additional questions you have and include the type of wood you are engraving.


Many Etsy designers list the settings they suggest on their posts - if you can look there (or link to it) you might find the info you’re looking for.

Generally the :glowforge: has settings depending on the material so if the designer doesn’t give you any ideas, start with the PG setting for the material you are using (wood isn’t a material, it’s a category - the settings are for walnut, or oak, or cherry, or whatever)

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Thank you

Click the design you like and click “Learn more about this item”. It lists all the Glowforge setting he recommends.