3dm to svg solution

Hi All I wonder if someone us able to advice or help with right direction. Im planning to cut paper with my new aura machine I have designer who make me few personal models to make pop up cards unfortunatly delivery files are in format .3dm or cut,ai is any way or other solution to transfering this files to svg or other files acepted by Auro Machine somehow .Many thanks for any help if possible

Have you searched online for a file converter? I see this one https://www.convertfiles.com/ but don’t know if it will work or not for your purposes.


Thank you very much Buddy I will try…


Can you clarify what software is producing the .3dm files? My understanding is that .3dm is a 3D modeling format used by Rhino. Unless those are some sort of sketch on a flat plane, you are unlikely to get a cuttable SVG from those.

Do you have a sample file you can share?

Quick follow up for those reading along: one of the files with a .ai extension turns out to be a standard Adobe Illustrator file, which can be converted to SVG by Adobe Illustrator and several third-party vector application (e.g., Corel Draw).

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Thank you for your reply .Very much appreciated your help


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