3M 300LSE vs 467MP

Hi everyone. Looking for a very quick answer. I’ve searched but never found a clear cut answer to my question. What is best when using 3M double sided adhesive tape when gluing wood to wood. Is it the 300LSE or the 467MP? I use columbia forest products plywood for nearly all my projects and want to know which of the 2 tapes is best.

Thank you!

I have used both, but i couldn’t tell you the difference. They are both strong bonds. I use 467mp the most because i have a giant roll.

The wood I’ve bonded with both are still stuck together. I’ve broken a ton of pieces trying to rip apart items when I’ve misaligned them.


Yeah, no clear cut answer because the answer is “it depends”. Both work - you’ll eventually develop an opinion, but both are valid.


As stated, both will work ok for general purpose as they are so tenacious. Their product line is extensive but don’t stress over it.

467(&468) use 200MP adhesive and are intended for glass, metal, etc.
8132(& 8472) use 300LSE adhesive intended for plastics (including acrylic) and painted surfaces.

5952 is designed for wood (plus many others in their product range.) I think that’s what is used on Proofgrade veneer.


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