3M Novec Electronic Degreaser for new fan cleaning method

GF asks us to purchase “3M Novec Electronic Degreaser” for their new fan maintenance. (Before you begin, you’ll need to obtain a can of 3M Novec Electronic Degreaser, which you can purchase from Amazon or Digikey.)

Being in Hawaii, there is no online store that will ship this to me. I can find an “electronic cleaner” locally at Home Depot: # 11 oz. QD Electronic Cleaner (link below)… does anyone know if this is okay to use instead? It’s a cleaner vs. degreaser. Any and all help is appreciated.



The reason they specify the Novec cleaner is that it is a non-flammable degreaser, and you have to run the machine while it is being used, which might present an explosive hazard.

No, i wouldn’t try to use anything other than the recommended product for this. :neutral_face:

There is a way to maintain your fan manually that I use. It takes longer, but works very well.


It is certainly a lot safer and less expensive to use! I am looking for any alternative myself

Many thanks Jules!

Maybe I can find another way to get this product, am pretty determined. :slight_smile:

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Degreaser, really? Wow, missed that message on the cleaning.
But why a degreaser? Makes sense if you’re personalizing bacon strips, and the non-flammable really makes sense. (But guess degreaser might be fast for breaking up lots of soot even without the grease).

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They should call it Water-Insoluble Dissolver. :slight_smile:

Just like grease, wood (and ash) are pretty much water insoluble.


Find someone who carries 3M Products in your area. More than likely, they’d be able to special order it for you.

Oh, I should have remembered that–when restoring my 100yo house a couple years ago, i had the old furnance chimney taken down–wasn’t too messy until after my elecritian ripped down all the plastic they put up in doorways to keep the soot from going too far & they hadn’t finished yet… so layers of soot got on every surface (though pretty much all surfaces were later refinished, anyway, though still have a sooty hand print or two on door frames I’ve not refinished yet or on mini blinds I’ve not replaced). White vinegar helped a lot.

I managed to find someone wonderful to ship a can of the 3M via ground service… very good price $18.18 for the can ($75 for shipping, lol). If anyone is looking for a good price and great service… http://www.hillas.com/


Mine shipped today :slight_smile:

I am also in Hawaii, so if you do find something that would be beneficial to me as well!

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Found this if anyone is interested. $18.80 per can.



They should carry it at the Glowforge Amazon store.

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$30 but you get six cans instead of one, Good find! now there is only the problem of sufficient ventilation when using, not hard to take a modular part outside, but not possible to take the whole Glowforge (for me anyway)

Yea, I am trying to figure out moving it outside and back without damage.

Where did you find 6 cans for $30???

I don’t know if this is one can or a case but I am not wanting six cases (shipping is free then though) :slight_smile:

1 (ONE) Can only will be shipped.

I know their description is very misleading.


I will be calling in any case as I would like to find something less devastating in enclosed spaces.

Has anyone used this yet? How much of the can is used in the process?