3M Novec Electronic Degreaser for new fan cleaning method


That is interesting!!



I spent most of a can in one attempt and mainly puddled the Novec + gunk and when the Novec part evaporated it left a solid block of gunk,



Probably why they need the fan to run during the cleaning process.

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I ordered it and it should be here tomorrow. I will try the cleaning procedures and see how it goes.



I look forward to learning about your experience!



My fan isn’t that bad so I wanted to spray compressed air instead of a degreaser on the outside part of the fan (The stuff cleaned easily with eye glass cleaner and non lint qtip on the inside part)

I dont want to move my machine so figured more frequent maintenance would avoid the degreaser suggestion. I tested the fan cleaning instructions and that fan is really really loud. Like way louder. I think it’s running way faster to help clean it

Letting you guys know.

Oh the compressed air didnt work… now I have to decide move the machine to use a degreaser or not move the machine and clean it with non lint qtips

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Just in cased anyone in the UK is looking for a source I managed to buy some from here https://www.tme.eu/gb/ …when you order make sure you select road transport delivery as they wont ship by air…seems to work great.



Just bought 6 cans of the Novec Electronic Degreaser with shipping to Hawaii for $166 total Will be worth it if it works! Anyone ever use the Novec electronic cleaner/lubricant? Would that be a better choice?

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