3M Novec Electronic Degreaser for new fan cleaning method

That is interesting!!

I spent most of a can in one attempt and mainly puddled the Novec + gunk and when the Novec part evaporated it left a solid block of gunk,

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Probably why they need the fan to run during the cleaning process.

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I ordered it and it should be here tomorrow. I will try the cleaning procedures and see how it goes.

I look forward to learning about your experience!

My fan isn’t that bad so I wanted to spray compressed air instead of a degreaser on the outside part of the fan (The stuff cleaned easily with eye glass cleaner and non lint qtip on the inside part)

I dont want to move my machine so figured more frequent maintenance would avoid the degreaser suggestion. I tested the fan cleaning instructions and that fan is really really loud. Like way louder. I think it’s running way faster to help clean it

Letting you guys know.

Oh the compressed air didnt work… now I have to decide move the machine to use a degreaser or not move the machine and clean it with non lint qtips

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Just in cased anyone in the UK is looking for a source I managed to buy some from here https://www.tme.eu/gb/ …when you order make sure you select road transport delivery as they wont ship by air…seems to work great.


Just bought 6 cans of the Novec Electronic Degreaser with shipping to Hawaii for $166 total Will be worth it if it works! Anyone ever use the Novec electronic cleaner/lubricant? Would that be a better choice?

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Has the degreasing worked?? Or is this just a step that they then will still need to repair? About to order the 3m but I have orders waiting and concerned about how long this will take only to need my machine serviced anyway.

I have a standard unit. I used a toothbrush, 50/50 Cleaning white vinegar water solution, a small paint brush, and about 2 hours of scrubbing the back of the fan with a damp toothbrush. It did well enough to quite the starting up process. I will have to keep doing it every so often. I tried looking for a spray cleaning solution at Lowe’s, Wal-Mart, and Home Depot. They looked at me like I was crazy asking for an electronic safe(non flammable) cleaning solution. The manual method might be the best to get you back on schedule until the spray arrives.

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Instead of $166 in Novec, spend $100 or so on an inline duct fan to pull the exhaust out of your machine, and check off “Compact filter is attached” in the app to stop using the built-in fan. Let it be dirty since you’re not using it. Problem solved?


What vendor did you successfully order from? I attempted to order from Hillas but they are telling me they cannot ship to Hawaii (or Alaska).

I moved to the external fan a few months ago. My fan was dirty and the spray process did not make much of a dent in the mess. This made for a quiet workshop and allowed me to stop my novec addiction. Life was good.

Since then, the now non-spinning fan has continued to collect gunk and is crusty enough that I fear i will soon need to remove it as it is threatening to block flow despite having an over sized external fan on tap. I spun the internal fan up the other day as a test and the resulting chaos was impressive. I suspect the lack of spinning and/or gravity have lead to deposits more in one area vs uniform and fan is now out of balance. It would be a nice improvement if the external filter setting still ran the internal fan at a low speed to avoid this.

So, some GF surgery on tap for this weekend. I use a lot of baltic birch. never use draftboard.

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Hillas, but I had to call it in. I couldn’t order it over the phone. This was several months ago, so not sure if they changed to policy on it.

I don’t know that the fan is given any power but is spun by the air going by, unless it is so jammed as to not spin. if you have a pro getting in there is a bigger deal than the others. However hand sanitizer and a bottle brush that can make it in there can do a good job of dissolving gunk. Also when the external fan is pulling well and the machine is totally off I spray the fan from the inside and leave the external fan pumping the air through for a couple hours rid any remaining sanitizer. (if the external fan is a filter this is not recommended)

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i suspect my fan is gunk central.

Different fan but…

after a few rounds of sanitizer and still a few cuts later…

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Im not sure if you live in the states like me, my shipping was under $10, but great and quick checkout process absolutely recommend for anyone wanting to save money. The only options I found on amazon were for cans that were individually $40+ INSANE! thanks for the link!

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I saw a YouTube video of someone using electronic parts cleaner. I’m not sure if this is okay to use or not but maybe worth a try if the machine is left to air out overnight??

I problem I had with Novec (as it said not to use inside and I had no way to do otherwise) I sprayed the gunk down but attached the external fan to suck the fumes out. The result was that a puddle at the bottom of the fan evaporated all the Novec and left behind a solid chunk of plastic with a solid hold on the fan. :grimacing: