3M Novec electronic degreaser is not VOC compliant and not allowed in California

Hey there, a new problem has arisen. The Novec degreaser that I was told to use to clean my machine is not VOC compliant in the state of California. So Is there an alternative I can safely use without damaging my machine? I got a can last year, but the company I got it from had it sent from their Dallas warehouse not knowing , so now that they know they can’t get it here anymore.

Did you try Digi-key? Not sure if you’d run into the same issues with them, or anyone else shipping to California.


Per 3M’s datasheet, it is exempt from California’s VOC restrictions.


Thanks, I can contact them but I was told it’s illegal for it to be shipped into California period. I’ll let you know.

Don’t know anything about Calif law but it would only be illegal for the shipper. Wouldn’t be an issue for you.

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I managed to get 2 cans from amazon to Malibu CA. go figure.

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I was able to have it shipped to my place in CA.


I was actually able to get a few cans from Digi-key. They have to ship it ground, but I’ll get it next week. Thanks mpipes for the suggestion, it’s greatly appreciated! I really wish that Glowforge made these units so that the exhaust fan could be taken out, making it so much easier to clean.


Things could have changed, but I got it shipped to me in CA just a few months ago from here. Really good price too.


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No, there isn’t any other product that we currently recommend. It sounds like you’re set for now, so I’m going to go ahead and close this thread.