3m tape is best to use?

What kind of 3m tape is best for use for projects outside of proof grade material?

Are you referring to 3M masking material to mask non-Proofgrade wood? Acrylic?

Or double stick? For that you want VHB tape. Once it’s polymerized it really is on there… it’s at Amazon of course


Yes like the 3m tape that comes on the proof grade for use on nonproof grade material.


You’re looking for masking.

Thanks for the help evensd2


Wow, that stuff must be really sticky. I’ve never seen this kind of warning on Amazon before:

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yes it is. we use it in model assembly and to hang signage on the wall.

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FWIW, there are several different versions of 3M tape and you have to pay attention to the thickness and how much bonding you really need. The commercial grade VHB tape is pretty thick compared to the lighter duty tape that I use on most of my acrylic projects. I haven’t had the lighter stuff fail with normal use.


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