3mm 1/8 Baltic birch settings

Hi. I am not sure if this is the right place. I am a new glowforge owner. I purchased from Amazon woodpecker brand Baltic birch that is listed as 3mm 1/8”. What settings would I use to cut it? I’ve not done manual settings yet. So may have more questions. Thx for any help. Mike


So, you’re in luck.

Just search the forum for “baltic birch settings” and you’ll see a lot. Here’s mine from ages ago.

But beyond that, use a good testing routine and you won’t ever have to ask for settings again.

It’s a snap to setup and it’s the best way to be sure.


I use the glowforge medium cherry hardwood settings. Just be sure that you check to make sure that your cuts went through your plywood before you move anything. That way you can cut again and reduce your speed a little, although that setting consistently cuts for me.


I usually use PG Med Maple Ply settings :slight_smile:


When I started about 3 months ago i downloaded a file with settings on various materials on it. If you type in material settings you should find it! It’s a good place to start with settings and adjust how you need to.


Seconding PG Medium Maple Ply setting.


For me, with a pro, that would be such overkill that my edges would be charred to pieces and my kerf would be much wider.

Medium ply is 167/full on my pro. I almost always cut BB at 200/full, it’s much cleaner with far less flashback. I’d be curious to see where you ended up if you ran a proper cut test with your machine, @jamesdhatch.

Also I am moving this to BTM now that settings are on the table.


Thank you all. I will be trying today. I am sure I will have more questions on this when I go to try. Thank you again!

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Just one pass?


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