4" Tile (4.25in x 4.25in) Frame - Flat or Wall Mount

Beautiful! Yes the design on the sides almost make the finger joints look like stitches in leather.

Edit: Forgot to say, it’s not so much that I felt adding a dowel rod hole would help it stand up, it does that fine, it’s the fear of it getting knocked down hard or the display table being bumped and it crashing to the floor face down. Otherwise I agree, if you assemble it plumb, it has more than enough surface to stand fine!


Love your drawing etched on tile and displayed in your self made frame. I look forward to seeing more of your artwork expressed with the help of the laser.

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Isn’t that the coolest feeling in the world? :slight_smile:


Yes, amazing and so worth taking the time to learn. I love the marriage of all these things - art, computer, laser, and then something beautiful. It’s addicting!


I am very blessed to have a husband who learned wood working from his dad. Before going to work the other day, he showed me how to put the frame together and then let me play. Awesome having a mentor in my own home.


Hi! I might be too late but you mentioned you would like a program for boxes. Box-o-matic. It’s a fantastic app you can get in the app store. You can only get it for the phone and ipads, but it allows it to be saved as a svg. Really an awesome app!


Thank you! That is so helpful!

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I love your idea! The hanging frame looks great. Please post an image of the final project. I bet it’s going to look great. Also, thanks for the share!


How do get the color in there

Do you mean color the engraving? If so, folks use different things. I like to use Sharpies and wipe off the spillover ink with melamine (magic eraser) sponges. :slightly_smiling_face:. Please share what you make!


I made some and i’ve used Rub N’ Buff. it works great!!Also, this is the box i made using the Box-o-matic app rX58HROWSSG9njyAVdhWlA|500x500


Everything looks great in acrylic. :grinning:


This turned out great! Nice and clean with nice choice of stain. Thanks for sharing the file with us!

Awesome work. On https://www.festi.info/boxes.py what did you set the burn value as?

I need to check this out. Thanks for the tip!

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Thanks so much! I have been needing exactly this. Nice clean design.

Great frame! Thanks so much for the share.


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this is AWESOME!!..

How do you download the file? I would love this for my tiles!