4" Tile (4.25in x 4.25in) Frame - Flat or Wall Mount

Right click the file and save as SVG.

Thanks alockbox! My “square” needs practice, to be sure, but what a fun way to use corners of plywood, extra white tiles left over from a bathroom, and gray stain.


Welcome. This turned out very nice!


Yes it did! Nice artwork too! :grinning:


When I Right Click and saved.
I openned in Inkscape and it was like interior 3.21inch…I mess something up?

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Check your DPI settings. Inkscape defaults to 72, and the Glowforge UI expects 96.


I just got lucky–total newbie!

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I love this! Now I just need to get some tiles to actually engrave correctly and I’ll have something to put them in. Speaking of, if anyone has any suggestions with tiles lol, feel free to message me!

I’ve been considering making something like this, so thank you very much! I’m toying with creating tile award plaques for local sports teams and this would be the very thing to finish those off nicely.

Just started playing with a box joint tonight and learned on the first try that Inkscape doesn’t make it quite as easy as I thought it would be to get the fingers to fit the slots. I tried it by creating a 4x6 rectangle, then placing 1/8x1/2 rectangles at the proper intervals, and using the intersection tool to snip those away from the main rectangle. Left me with fingers that are very slightly larger than the slots they need to go into. So, also thanks for the link to boxes.py.