404 errors

I know this post is going to get closed because you guys are “working on it” but the email we have all been waiting for finally came to me 3 days ago and all the links were redirects to shipping FAQ or 404 errors. I immediately sent an email explaining my issue, and posted here. Heard something back only after posting here and its been crickets ever since. I emailed yesterday and still nothing so I am hoping posting here will help. I am a marketing director and send emails out to customers daily and know it does not take that long to fix a link. I am concerned that this is going to put me behind all the others that have received their emails in the last 3 days because I have not been able to claim mine yet and that will infuriate me. I have talked to several others that said posting in the forms in the only thing that got attention…so here I am…again.

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We’ve followed up in the email you sent us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.