45 adapter earrings

hello fellow owners! i wanted to share some designs and this is my first one i’m sharing. i’ve had issues with my .svg files i’ve made on my computer not going through the glowforge app to make a cut file so i usually save my cut files as a .pdf and have no issues. i’m including a compressed svg file as well as a compressed pdf file if there are issues with the svg files. please leave feedback if you use the file as to whether you have any issues or successes. happy printing!
svg version:
45 adapter earings.zip (716.8 KB)

pdf version:
45 adapter earings pdf.zip (723.3 KB)


Well those are cool! Thanks for sharing! :grinning:


Thank you. I am old enough to have used the item represented.


Heck yeah, these are sweet!


Hey thanks!


I remember using them as well!

Coincidentally, I’m going to an event next weekend where the theme is 50’s. So hopefully I’ll be able to cut them before my trip!

(Getting the dreaded “centering” error, going to replace my modem tomorrow.)


Thanks for posting. I am so curious as to why these are throwing an error.

Gave an error uploading in the app straight from the extracted SVG.

Gave an error if I opened in Inkscape, change document sizing and saved in different name.

In the XML is says Illustrator. Is that what you are using?

Then it crashed my Inkscape. Twice.


Did you shoot support an email Martha? If it’s the lid cable they’ll get one out to you if you let them know, but they need to check your logs.

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I’ll do that if the modem doesn’t fix it… my modem suddenly went bad.


Thank you for the file

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Thank you for the file!

Yes, I use illustrator for my files. I had success using my svg files and suddenly one day I went to upload an svg file and it never processed through, but I have success uploading pdf versions I save from illustrator so I usually just use them

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How are you, im trying to donwload your drawings no longer showing up for mecould you make me avaliable again.

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They are in the original post - right-click on the one you want and save it.

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I appreciate your sharing! However, when I open both files, I see only 2 things on the file. Are there supposed to be 45 pairs of earrings, or just the one?

Just the one pair. A “45” is a record with a 45 mm hole size. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ahh thank you for explaining that! Much appreciated C:

She is obviously much younger than us LOL.
My husband came home laughing one day when he had to explain to a new employee what a ‘B side’ was.


To be fair, I am old enough to have had “owned” adapters that were supplied with a player, but usually shaped like a deodorant can cap (closest thing I can think of) that snapped into a corner when not needed. I never bought a record that came with the big hole (although many had cuts so the inner part could be snapped out if needed.)

When I first saw this thread, I was expecting something to adapt .45 ammunition to some other calibre, which I have never encountered! :slight_smile:

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WAIT! Hold the presses…I have been reliably informed that the 45 refers to the speed the record turns, (revolutions per minute), and not the size of the opening!

My life has been a lie. :pleading_face: