4in Vent Hose Quick Coupler

Have any of you folks had issues with attaching the vent hose with the included clamps? I feel like the exhaust flange on the back of the Glowforge is not deep enough and this makes it difficult to secure the clamp tightly. There have been times where the hose has popped off while moving the GF. I finally solved this annoyance by purchasing the quick coupler shown below.

You install the coupler by screwing the threaded end onto the hose and then using the hose clamp to secure it. The other end of the coupler is slightly tapered so you can simply press-fit it into the exhaust opening on the back of the GF. It holds on very securely and forms a tight seal.

Since you don’t use a clamp on the GF, it just takes a small twist/tug on the coupler to disconnect it. This makes it very convenient for checking that the exhaust fan is not clogged with debris.

On the other end of the vent hose, I have another coupler that can quickly connect to a flange I installed in a window. Once my new external Compact Filter arrives, this coupler will make it much easier to switch between venting to the air filter or out the window.


Here’s a link to the flange I used on Amazon:
POWERTEC 70193 Screw End Quick Coupler, 4"


A V-8 bottle (and other containers) have the correct sized opening to fit a 4" hose and the additional advantage of being clear. The ones not under pressure have ribs every half inch or so that help make a tight bond without a clamp, If still not quite the correct size a bit of heating on a Teflon fry pan will cause the walls to shrink like a disk and many small cuts with a nail or wire clipper will have it grabbing nicely,

This was a first run with a soda bottle


That is a good fixture. This issue was one of the first that got treated when pre-release units came out. I printed a 3D part for mine.
Also, folks used printed parts for tabs or ends on the spring clamps.

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The issue I see with the other designs is that those couplers fit around the outside diameter of both the GF exhaust flange and the vent hose. The Powertec coupler, by contrast, is designed to fit each of these from the inside. It is made of rigid plastic. The side that attaches to the exhaust flange is tapered and the press-fit is tight enough that there are no leaks and no need for a clamp. However, it comes apart easily with a tug and twist motion so it’s easy to disconnect when necessary.

The other end of the coupler is threaded on its outside to match the spiral wire of the hose. Technically, you can get by with just screwing it into the end of the vent hose, but I use a clamp to ensure a tight seal, This side always remains attached to the hose, so there’s no need to remove the clamp once it’s on.

As far as the V8 bottle, what is the advantage of it being clear?


If clear you can monitory what is happening while it happens, and keep an eye on the exhaust port without having to remove the hose.

Whats the part number you are using for the attachment on the window/screen?

I have a piece of thick lexan in the window with a 4in hole. The flange is attached to that. The outer edges of the lexan have a rubber gasket to seal out the fumes. Here’s the part:

Very cool. Will def. consider this if I have trouble configuring a Y blast gate system.


Very cool! How is it working out?

I have to vent from the garage, so I use the side opening at the bottom (that’s used for carbon monoxide venting as a safety). When hooking up my glowforge, I put the hose through this opening, and then stuff paper to seal up the hole. After I’m done, I can remove the paper and the hose, and the garage will have its safety vent again.

I would love to do something a little more permanent though! :slight_smile: This might be a good option, and offer a CO safety vent hole when the hose is not plugged in.