502 bad gateway

I can’t log in to the app on my desktop. It was fine about 30 minutes ago. Now I just get a “502 bad gateway” error.

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Same, tried all my nonsense nothing worked. I need to get work done.


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it’s fixed now i think

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Yes it is!

It just occurred to me, if this would have happened over a weekend or for good do we have an alternative? to use to work with or are we just at the mercy of glowforge?

The online component is required.

Really though, I don’t know exact specifics, but uptime has to be in the realm of 99.9x%. I know it can be frustrating not being able to access the app at that exact moment, if it happens to be a rare moment that it’s down… but, as indicated here, it’s going to be short-lived, especially in the grand scheme of things.


Sure, I just remember at the early days of GF before it was out to the masses that It was mentioned, how some people weren’t happy with having to rely on GF for the online component, but I did notice that there’s a GF unit at my nearest Joann’s Fabric under a “Creator Area” or something new GF is trying to pursue, so I guess with that GF intends to keep it forever.


I’m so sorry you hit a snag. This incident was resolved earlier today and I’m glad to see you’re been able to sign back in.

I’m going to close this thread. If the problem reoccurs, please feel free to start a new topic.