5th Glowforge in past 1-1/2 years

It seems like every Glowforge has been breaking. I spent 1100 in October for a refurbished one. I am now here because my Glowforge printer head is not capturing a picture. Has anyone sold the Glowforge for parts? When should I stop purchasing a new “refurbished” ones?

Anyone else experience multiple units in such a short time?

i buy broken glowforges
where are you located?
and which unit is it?


As there are many tens of thousands of machines out there most folks only have their first one. I am on my third but know it was my lack of knowledge that did in the first and suspect gum build-up shorting out the second after several years. So other than wishing for more defenses against shorting out I am not seeing all that many issues. I might have ranted more about stuff gumming up if I had not at the end understood I was the cause.
In two “refurbished” machines the only evidence they were not new is that they still had the old “honeycomb” exhaust. Other than that each has performed better than the previous one and indistinguishable from new.


The founder has reported over 100,000 units have been sold.

Mine is one of the originals, over 4yrs old, and works fine.

It’s disappointing when you’re the one having multiple issues but that really is the exception.


Im in Southern California. I have basic

to be honest with you, $1125 for a basic is your best bet, can you tell me why 4 machines failed, and how did they fail?


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Are u saying I should purchase the refurbished one?

1st one didn’t even work when I first got it,
2nd one the printer head was not capturing photo, 3rd one left side was not cutting.
4th stuck on scanning 5th one is not capturing photo.

Do you always open the lid fully?

I am using a fourth machine, third replacement. Third time was a charm, but you seem to have been a victim of some unfortunately more than a usual bad experience.

It’s bee a few years, I don’t can’t give any real metrics about reliability. But lots of folks are using these machines with some good use statistics. Hoping for the best for you.


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