6000 dollar paperweight

Machine started with lid open no matter what I did. Waited for support to answer and they sent me a new lid cable which took a week to get here. Finally came today and I installed and powered up hoping that was the end of it. Still says lid open and I’m back to where I was a week ago with a machine that is only three months old.

Well you have opened another ticket by posting here so you should hopefully get a response soon. They’ll be able to look at the machine logs and probably wind up sending you a new machine (or refurbished machine). It’s not ALL bad luck… just sometimes. Once you are back up and running you’ll forget all about the bad times. :slight_smile:

also. Bingo.


I’m hoping… Would like to have some good times with the machine. Its very frustrating.


Hey @spaulding71, I see that you also email us about this issue and I’ve sent you a response there. To avoid duplicate communications I’m going to close this thread and continue working with you on your email ticket.